“Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.”
-Proverbs 11:14 KJV

Questions People Ask

Sister E F

I have two sons that have been going in the wrong direction. The oldest son has been battling drug and alcohol addiction. The other son is suffering from depression and maybe drugs as well. I loved them both and as their mother, I’m experiencing anxiety. Please advise me.

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Is it written somewhere in the bible why Satan will be released for a short time after the millennial reign?

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Minister P, Zimbabwe

How do I deal with a 28-year-old drug addict who is an accountant? After University he got a good job, left a few months later because of drugs. He is in a rehabilitation centre but not getting better.

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Sister E, USA

I want to anoint my house and my children with oil. Does it matter what type of oil I use? Must I have a minister or priest pray over the oil, or do I need oil at all? What is the purpose of using anointing oil when we have prayer?

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Sister S, USA

I would like to know why women were so disregarded and allowed to be sacrificed by the very ones who were to protect them. In Judges 19:23-24 a Levite gave his virgin daughter to be raped and In Genesis 19:8 Lot agreed to give his two virgins daughters to the men who came to rape the angels.

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Sister B, UK

I'm faced with a situation of having to deal with a church that's is spiritually dying. At this point I know that I am praying for direction, but it seems like every time you suggest an idea like for example starting a prayer group that suggestion is cut short and so many others, how do I deal with this. The church is lukewarm at the moment there is no prayer support and interestingly everything about the Holy spirit is silence. I need counsel, on what to do I'm very worried.

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