“Praise ye the Lord. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power. Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.” -Psalms 150:1-2 KJV

Rodella Lisa Mulyangote, Eswatini

I have finished the book. Where is the next chapter, Bathong!!! I was like, "so it's finished"????

Jasmine Marshall, London England

Many may or may not know that the Bible has been written for generations to read, learn, be inspired, grow and take note of how to live this gift of Salvation given to man for free. Reading His Glory Goes With Us took me on a journey of a Woman of God, in my day and time. At times I thought and quote; This could easily be another chapter of scripture and quote;The Book of Grace...Written in 2021. The overall takeaway for me is - Process is key in the life of the believer. It is a must. I'm encouraged!!

Apostle Tryphina Maitin, Gauteng South Africa

It's a life changing book, I must say. It’s about God, obedience, faith, boldness and putting your hands to the plough. Shall we expect Part 2?

Telitha Courmier, Kilgore Texas

Pastor Grace! Chapter 6! I'm on the brink of tears! This is what I've been missing and seeking! To be baptized by the Holy Ghost! I had read those same scriptures in Acts and I Knew something was missing! It still is! I'm so thankful to Elohim for allowing me to read that I'm not alone and how you came to experience Holy Spirit for yourself! And to know I'm heading in the right direction now! 🤗 Truly this book makes my spirit man excited and desires to be more disciplined in my faith! I've never read such a book before... and I've read quite a few... most only halfway due to loss of interest 🙄.

Taija Johnson, Dallas Texas

I can't wait to get off to resume my reading in his glory goes with us!! It's like we're sitting there chatting with you it's so relatable and I laugh and cry but my heart is touched the whole time. I felt that way as a new convert just on fire and thirsty for The Lord and this book took me back there. I pray last night to give you favour in resources to get the book out to all who need it. Amen. It's a wildfire in the hearts of people. God bless you and thanks for the book. This book is unlike any other you can literally feel the Power of the Holy Spirit while reading.

Rachel Muzimbawake,, Gweru, Zimbabwe

A journey of fearless faith, I felt my soul being fed, my spirit being lifted, a lot of my questions being answered. Inspired, so rich with the powerful scriptures, I felt God is speaking to me through her Journey. It brought me closer to Elohim and the gospel of truth revealed. I will settle for nothing less than the "old rugged cross gospel.

Minister Winetie M, Harare Zimbabwe

I am touched and inspired. Pastor Grace's Determination, Dedication, Drive, Self-Discipline, Commitment, Zeal, Perseverance, Faith, and Trust in Elohim led to her triumphant life. Her victory was obtained through emulating our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Who obtained obedience through suffering. This is what reproduces a True Christlike vessel that gives glory and honour to God and shows true Discipleship. Lessons learned: God's Sovereignty and His goodness work in perfect harmony.

Evangelist Mollie, Zimbabwe

I thank God for 'His Glory Goes With Us', truly it has opened my spiritual and physical eyes. I have also received answers to so many questions that I had in my life, of the things I went through in the past and present. I have learnt how to conduct spiritual warfare in a simple and straightforward way; my life will never be the same again. May Elohim bless you abundantly Pastor Grace, and my prayer is that everyone who comes across this life-changing testimony shall be transformed, ministered to, delivered and mostly receive salvation. Thank you.

Minister Monica, South Africa

I spent my weekend cooped up in my bedroom reading this book. It was just a pleasant journey. Knowing Pastor Grace Akalonu , it was almost as if she was talking to me as I could literally hear the tone of her voice as I read, I cried hard and laughed just as hard. This book redefined selflessness and took servant leadership to another level. As I was approaching the end of the book I hoped that it would continue...A life unreservedly dedicated to Elohim.

Pastor G, Zimbabwe

It is an honour to partake of your gracious experiences and life-transforming truths. My wife and I are being blessed reading through. Hallelujah.

Evangelist M, Zimbabwe

We thank Elohim for this blessing of “His Glory Goes With us " It is a life-changing life testimonial that shows the abounding grace of Elohim upon His creation and those whom He will have called. I am sharing the link with family, friends and the community.

Min P, Zimbabwe

The stories are liberating. I felt the chains falling off and a lifting similar to the lifting Pastor Grace describes on page 128 when she narrates her first miracle, "I was lifted off my feet and my back strengthened and I was walking but my foot was not touching the ground". Elohim answers prayers and He is always with us. I now strongly believe that if we "get on with His business, He will perfect that which concerns us".page 193 and "in all we do, holiness should be our hallmark". Page 208 These stories are loaded, truly life-changing. They answered all the questions I was struggling with

Sister I, Zimbabwe

The stories ministered to me in a way that is unexplainable. I found myself laughing. I just felt joy inside me. The stories are helping me to get inner peace.

Apostle G U, Zimbabwe

I learnt of the following from the stories: • Intimacy with the Lord and that the love of the Lord will take us there without knowing. • We should pray before we go out to evangelise, and when we come back we should pray for the people we ministered to. • In waging Spiritual Warfare against principalities and powers of darkness, we need to pray and ask the Lord for Grace. I did not know about this. I shared with other ladies on Prayer Shield. • Six hours of prayer tithing your day in prayer touched me.

Sister Mary, Kenya

Greetings in The Name of our Lord. I am greatly blessed by your book. I have learnt a lot... More than I can say. Everything in it is a blessing.

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