I want to anoint my house and my children with oil. Does it matter what type of oil I use? Must I have a minister or priest pray over the oil, or do I need oil at all? What is the purpose of using anointing oil when we have prayer?

Sister E, USA

Response by
Pastor Grace Akalonu

Assuring Grace

The use of oil to anoint people or dedicate assets and buildings to God is one that has validity in both the Old and New Testament. Aaron was anointed to serve as the first High Priest of Israel. Priests and Kings were anointed with oil as a sign of their consecration to the service of God. Psalms 89: 20 I have found David my servant; with my holy oil have I anointed him: The Book of James 5:13, the Bible says those who are sick should be anointed with oil as a point of contact when prayer goes forth in the healing process. Through this we understand that Oil is essentially a point of contact to stir up faith of believers. The basic type of oil is virgin Olive oil. There may or may not be perfumes added. Believers who have been well taught and realise their call to represent Jesus in their homes, offices and businesses do not need a Priest to pray over oil before they can use it. What matters most is Faith in Jesus, the authority of His Name and power of His blood for any miracle and blessing we need from the Lord. The Oil therefore should not displace faith in Jesus. If the Oil displaces Faith in Him, it becomes an idol.