Prayer Requests

“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” -Philippians 4:6 KJV

Father, we thank you for your mercies that endures forever. Help us not to forget your goodness and graciousness. Help us to remain in you. The past year thought us that hope and life are only in you. Keep our hearts stayed on you, in Jesus Name Amen.

Prayer for Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family Let us pray for The Monarch and Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II following the death of her husband and Consort, Prince Phillip, The Duke of Edinburgh. The late Prince Phillip was a helper to the Queen, offering her unconditional support and loyalty. Let us pray for Holy Spirit to infuse Her Majesty with all the consolation and grace she needs to continue to lead the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of nations.


Father, we ask for peace and stability in all circumstances. Your word in Isaiah 43:1-7 assures us you will be with us even in worst-case scenarios. May your peace which passes all understanding keep our heart stable in you. In the midst of the storms, Lord, may our faith latch on the finished work of Calvary. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness in Jesus Name Amen.


Lord, please have mercy on all who are sick, and let your will be done in their lives. Please heal the sick according to your will. Lord let your Name be glorified, and let people repent and submit to You through the healing of the sick. Let Your will be done above all else. Thank you for all you have done. In Jesus Name Amen.


In Jesus, Amen Father Lord, we thank you for the wonderful day that you have made. Lord as we are still in times of uncertainty with the pandemic and new variants, we ask for clarity, peace, and healing. Lord, we ask for wisdom and understanding for the leaders of the world to be able to make the right decisions that are safe for its people that also glorify you. Lord may the hearts of people be touched to seek after you and to find comfort in your presence. We just want to thank for being the great and might God in Jesus, Amen.

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